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Bored At Home? Why Not Check Out These Youtubers from Northeast India to travel, have fun all sitting at home

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YouTube is an American online video sharing platform which has grown to leaps and bound in the current times giving us answer to every question. Individuals uploading videos here are known as YouTubers. People from around the world upload videos and here are some of the YouTubers from North East India spreading and reaching to every corner of the world with their videos.

dimpu gold The North-Eastern Chronicle

Dimpu’s vlogs
Dimpu’s vlogs run by Dimpu Baruah is one of the famous Youtuber from Guwahati with 1.68M subscribers. His videos consist of travel videos to vlog videos. He joined YouTube in the year 2018 and received his Gold play button in November 2020 after 1M subscribers. He has more than 400 uploads on his channel.

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Dreamz unlimited
It is a Nagaland-based YouTube channel with the highest and fastest in subscribers in the state within just two years. They joined YouTube in 2016 and became the highest subscribing channel in the state and third highest in Northeast India. If you are a lover of short films and acts, this channel is for you. They have 623K subscribers with more than 200 uploads.

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Lenzing weekly
Lenzing Doming is a YouTuber from Arunachal Pradesh with the fast-growing of subscribers with his singing and vlogs. He joined YouTube in 2019 and has more than 640K subscribers with more than 135 uploads.

mqdefault The North-Eastern Chronicle

Kinda vines
Kinda vines is a Tripura based YouTube channel that specializes in comedy videos and some vlog videos. This channel will give a stomach ache from laughing. They joined YouTube in 2018 and have more than 200 K subscribers and more than 50 uploads.

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Veronica Awungshi
She is a YouTuber from Manipur currently Based in New Delhi started in 2014. Her channel is an all-rounder channel here you will get videos on travel, fashion, dance, makeup, blogs, and many more. She has more than 100K subscribers and more than 160 uploads.

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Chugli tv
Vishal Langthasa is a YouTuber from Dima Hasao (Assam) currently based in Mumbai. His videos give us the snick of Northeast India with his characters like Aunt nijula, Bonosree, Gunokanto and many others. He has more than 150K subscribers and more than 210 uploads.

From travel videos to fashion to comedy videos Northeast YouTubers will give a taste of all. If you want to know more about Northeast and have a gala of a time laughing, check out these YouTube channels.

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

Article by Sroweta Kar, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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