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Boycott Manyavar trends: Alia Bhatt’s new ad sparks controversy; watch to find why

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A latest advertisement of Manyavar clothing brand starring Alia Bhatt sparks controversy. Manyavar is an ethnic wedding fashion brand which suggested doing away a hindu wedding ceremony “Kanyadan” in their ad.

Watch the Video here:

The bride calls out the old age traditions

After the advertisement got telecast the twitter users divided into two parts. While some liked the new idea in the ad and praised the actress as well as the makers for calling out the practice of ‘Kanyadaan’, some are not seem to be impressed and attacked it for being ‘woke feminism’. Many also attacked Manyavar for misinterpreting Hindu traditions. And many even twitter to boycott the brand for targeting the Hindu’s religious beliefs.

Kanyadan or Kanyamaan

In the advertisement actor Alia Bhatt is seen sitting on a mandap wearing a bridal red lehenga and asked why girls are called ‘paraya dhan’ which is to be donated to someone in marriage. She also suggested a new term ‘kanyamaan,’ stating that kanyadaan is misogynistic. She also asks, ‘main koi daan karne ki cheez hoon?’ (“Am I a thing to be donated?) At the end of the ad, the groom’s mother suggests giving the groom away holding his father’s hand just like the bride’s parents. And later the bride called it “Kanyamaan”.

Netizens reactions

Reacting to the ad, a Twitter user said, “What a pathbreaking concept! Love the outfit and the message.” However, many of the netizens demanded to Boycott Manyavar for not realising the true meaning of Kanyadaan and mocking Hindu religion and traditions. A Twitter user stated, “This over-hyped & over expensive wedding wear brand, Manyavar, should collectively be boycotted by all Hindus. Enough preaching against Hindu rituals and culture.. If Manyavar really wants to change the society..they should first make ads about halala, tripple talaq & polygamy”.

Another user wrote “Manyavar is selling indian wedding clothes while criticizing indian rituals. Big claps for you”

Questioning the ad, another user tweeted, “what is this advertisement? To your surprise, No, Kanyadaan doesn’t mean that a girl is a commodity and can be given away. Hindu rituals are so easy for you people to point fingers at. If you want to know about the piousness of Kanyadaan, this thread is for you.”

Another tweeted, “The very industry that objectifies women in their films, web series and reality shows is preaching about “kanyamaan” Wish they would practise what they preach then women would automatically get respect”.

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