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Breaking stereotypes: Mother of two builds smartphone games while raising her kids

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Game development is a field that’s often presumed to be dominated by male, even though today we see many female game developers who have been instrumental in creating some of the most beloved games.

Seema Datar a coder who entered the world of game development while taking a break from her career as a software developer and raising her son and eventually developing Sway Bods, a smartphone game for kids on Android and iOS platforms.

She works as a Principal AI/ML engineer with Ericsson. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering and an M.S. degree from Washington University St. Louis in Computer Science. However, in her free time, she has recently been working on game development.

Seema revealed she was always passionate about video games, from the early days of ‘Prince of Persia’, however, the thought of entering game development while she was on a break from her careers while raising her son.

She added, “This break offered me an opportunity to try out things that I was passionate about, including games and game development. Additionally, having spent a large part of my career being a software engineer helped with the programming needs in game development.

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