Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Angry bride slaps groom because he was chewing tobacco; hilarious video surfaces

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Of all the don’ts at your wedding, biting tobacco during a wedding is a major no-no. In any case, it appears that one man didn’t get the notice, and he needed to endure the worst part of the lady of the hour. 

The amusing encounter was captured on film and has since gone viral, leaving many in stitches. Funny right? The bride is seen slapping the groom in a recent video shared on Instagram by a user named Niranjan Mahapatra.

The incident took place in the wedding pavilion just as the ceremony was about to start. The bride and groom are seen sitting adjacent to each other, surrounded by close relatives. 

The bride starts conversing with a person present at the wedding before becoming upset and attacking him. She doesn’t stop there,  as she then, at that point, shouts at the groom and hits him as well.

Argument heated up, and nobody seems to diffuse it

Nobody present at the wedding attempts to diffuse the tension, and the fight escalates. 

If one listens carefully to the sound in the movie, the bride becomes enraged because she discovers that her husband is chewing tobacco, which she despises. After she slaps the groom, he has to then outfit and spit the tobacco from his mouth. 

At this point, when he gets up to do as such,  it adds more hilarity to the fun episode, as the relatives and guests race aside to try not to be spat on.

Positive feedback to the bride for taking action

The video has gone viral on social media, and people love the bride’s reaction while some condemn the groom’s act of eating tobacco at his wedding. It’s contradictory.  

Here are some comments:

“Dulhan kafi samjhdar he (the bride is sensible),” one user commented.

“Aaj gutka nahi khata toh kya hojata? (If he didn’t eat Gutka today, what would have happened?),” another user said. 

The video is gaining traction on social media, with some users praising the bride’s reaction while others denounce the groom’s decision to eat tobacco at his wedding. 

Some even speculated that the video was scripted to raise public awareness. Since it was shared a day ago, it has received around 2 thousand likes and welcomed many comments. Most people used emojis to comment.

Another bizarre incident in the wedding pavilion

Another viral video is coursing through the Internet, where a bride and groom are conducting rituals at the wedding pavilion.  A red dupatta is hung over the lady and husband-to-be’s heads as a component of a wedding service. 

On one side, family members and companions of the husband-to-be are holding the dupatta and hauling it towards one another in a back-and-forth design. 

On the opposite side, family members and companions of the lady are gripping the dupatta and pulling it towards one another in a back-and-forth style. During the fight, the man of the hour’s side pulls the texture excessively firmly, hauling a lady and two men from the lady’s side over the mandap fire.

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