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Justice BV Nagarathna: the adjudicator ready to become first lady CJI in 2027

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Justice BV Nagarathna is ready to turn into India’s first lady Chief Justice of India in 2027. 

As of now an adjudicator in the Karnataka high court, Equity Nagarathna is among the three ladies decides whose names were cleared by the Supreme Court collegium on Tuesday evening 

Driven by Chief Justice NV Ramana, the Supreme Court Collegium has suggested the names of nine appointed authorities for the height to the top court. 

About Justice Nagarathna


Equity Nagarathna began as a legal advisor in Bengaluru and was selected as an extra appointed authority in the Karnataka HC in February 2008. She was made a super durable appointed authority two years after the fact. 

Equity Nagarathna’s father, ES Venkataramiah, was the CJI for around a half year in 1989. As soon as cleared by the Union Government, Nagarathna will be the CJI in 2027 for a minimum of more than one month.

She is probably going to have an extended residency. Her arrangement will be a memorable second for the nation’s legal executive. She will be continuing in the footsteps of her father ES Venkataramiah, who was the Chief Justice of India between June 1989 and December 1989. 

Justice Hima Kohi and Justice Bela Trivedi are the other two ladies decided in the rundown of proposals. 

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There have been requests for India to have a lady Chief Justice

supreme court 1 Nagarathna The North-Eastern Chronicle

Before his retirement, previous Chief Justice of India SA Bobde had said that “the opportunity has arrived for India to have a lady Chief Justice”. 

“We have the interest of ladies to us, and we are executing it best. There is no mentality change in us. The solitary thing is we need to get great up-and-comers,” he had said in April. 

Boss Justice Ramana has likewise said before that it’s the ideal opportunity for a lady to head the legal executive. 

Two different adjudicators were caught by a group of lawyers

In November 2009, she, alongside two different appointed authorities of the Karnataka HC were secured in a court by a gathering of fighting legal counselors; however , she conquered the circumstance in a noble way. She later said: “We are not irate, yet we are tragic that the Bar has done this to us. We need to look down in disgrace.” 

Judgement launched

In 2012, equity Nagarathna conveyed a judgment underscoring the need to manage electronic media. “While honest scattering of data is a fundamental necessity of any communicating channel, melodrama through ‘Breaking News’, ‘Streak News’ or in some other structure should be checked,” she wrote in her judgment. 

While asking the Union government to consider setting up a self-governing and legal instrument to manage broadcast media, equity Nagarathna explained that the idea of guideline ought not be perceived to mean control by the public authority or the people pulling the strings. 

In a 2019 judgment, she decided that a sanctuary is certainly not a “business foundation” and henceforth, representatives of a sanctuary in Karnataka are not qualified for tip under Payments of Gratuity Act. She held that a sanctuary worker will be qualified for tip benefits under the Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowment Act, which is a unique law established in the state and not under the Payments of Gratuity Act.

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