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Bygone days: Indira Gandhi’s typewritten letter of 1973 to industrialist JRD Tata thanking for perfume goes viral

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In a reminiscence of the bygone era of the 20th century, a copy of a letter written by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to industrialist JRD Tata has been making its rounds on the internet. It was shared by industrialist Harsh Goenka and described as “sheer class.”

India Gandhi
Indira Gandhi


The letter was typewritten and dated July 5, 1973. In the letter, the former PM Indira Gandhi thanked the late industrial tycoon JRD Tata for gifting her perfume and introducing her to the “chic world.”

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Contents of the letter

Letter Indira Gandhi The North-Eastern Chronicle

In the letter, the former PM wrote, “I am thrilled with the perfumes. Thank you so much. I don’t normally use perfumes and am so cut off from the ‘chic’ world that I do not even know these, but will certainly experiment with them.”

Indira Gandhi also asked him to visit her or write if Tata had to convey any views or such.

She wrote,” It was good to see you. Please do not hesitate to write or to come and see me when you want to convey any views — favourable or critical.”

She concluded the letter with good wishes to Tata and his wife.

Reaction of Netizens

This gave netizens of that age a chance to reminisce about the good old days where typewritten letters had their own charm. One user wrote, “The fragrance of INDIANNESS still prevails.”

Another user wrote, “Such where the times when great men & women of India existed. They had character, honour, pride and knowledge. Today we are reduced to a global joke.”

Many remarked about the bygone eras being the best in terms of communication when people turned to write personal letters to keep in touch; something lost to these times.


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