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CAA Ami Manilu (?).

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There is this saying that is used to represent the people of India, “Unity in Diversity”. But in Assam, it seems Unity is hard to find even when there is no diversity.

Here, the reference is made to the Assamese Artist Community that has been earning their bread and butter by providing the much needed entertainment to the people of Assam. Through thick and thin, history has witnessed the tight knot that binded the people of Assam and the Artist Community of the state to safeguard the beloved Assamese culture.

Since the early days of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala to very contemporary Rima Das, that alone bought International Recognition to the Assamese Entertainment Industry, the knot of togetherness and brotherhood remained tight amongst the Assamese people.

Last year during the late November, began a historical agitation against the cursed Citizenship Amendment Bill that was introduced by the BJP government. The Bill passed on December 10th, 2019 and soon it was declared an Act. Youths of Assam bled from Lathi charge of police, spent nights behind the bars, lost their lives fighting to safe the Assamese Identity. Peasant Leader Akhil Gogoi, who fought strongly against the Citizenship Amendment Act, is rotting behind the bars till date. And during the unending agitations, the Artist Community of Assam were seen shouting at the top of their voices, addressing the innocent people of Assam that together they will fight against this Act and that CAA will never be accepted by them. The Artist Community made numerous promises that they would stand solidarity with the Assamese people.

But it seems, the new age has brought so much change in itself that one can hardly stick to their promises and stay united. Sadly, the same Artist Community who cursed the BJP government that introduced the CAA are now joining the political party, the BJP party. The same Artist Community who shouted at the top of their voices that they would never let CAA be implemented on Assam are seeking forgiveness in front of the BJP government for being against it.

So, from all that has been seen and observed, is the final conclusion that we come in is “CAA AMI MANILU”?

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