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Cachar: 34-year-old son thrashes mother to death; father gets him arrested

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A mentally disabled woman was murdered by her son named Amarjit Deb in Cachar. His father rushed to the police station to file an FIR against his son.

“My mother was mentally imbalanced and she started talking nonsense after I reached home tired. So, I lost it and pushed her,” says 34-year-old Amarjit Deb after killing his mother.

“He has not pushed his mother but thrashed her to death,” says Apurba Kumar Death, father of a son who killed his mother.

“My son was somewhere outside. He returned home riding his cycle. As soon as he entered, he dragged his ailing mother to the verandah and started kicking her. Not only that, he got a bamboo from somewhere and started beating her with that. Once I went to stop, he started beating me. Neighbors came to stop him but could not,” says Apurba Kumar Deb.

FIR lodged against the culprit

He proceeded to the local police station and filed an FIR saying that his son, Amarjit Deb, had murdered his wife Sumati Deb at his home. Cachar Police apprehended the 34-year-old based on the FIR.

“He called his brother – my younger son and discussed something. Immediately after that, he started beating her. I was shocked as anyone would be and have no clue what irked him. Also, if something irked him should he go and murder his wife?”

The body was found and taken to Silchar Medical College and Hospital for an autopsy.

The culprit’s confrontation

“My mother started shouting at me and after a hard day at work, my mind could not take it. And then my father joined too, that is when got engaged physically,” he said when confronted by the press standing outside the Police station.

Recent murder cases in Cachar district

In June 2021, A 39-year-old lady was detained in Assam’s Cachar region for reportedly murdering her husband by slicing his throat with a sharp weapon. The couple had four children and worked in a tea garden. The incident occurred in the district’s Haltia Tea Garden neighborhood.

A bunch of strangers barged into their home and assaulted her husband, according to the woman. However, during questioning by the police, she admitted that they had a big quarrel and that she attacked her husband in self-defense. The pair used to argue frequently, according to neighbors, and the man would frequently beat up his wife.

The woman’s brother-in-law has also been detained on suspicion of involvement in the killing.

The Officer in charge of Silchar Sadar police station Ditumoni Goswami said, “She has confessed to the crime. We are investigating whether her brother-in-law was also involved in this murder.”

According to a police source, the woman told them during interrogation that her 45-year-old husband was drunk and verbally harassing her that night. When she tried to flee, he attacked her, and she defended herself with a sharp item.

According to police, one of the woman’s earrings was missing, which they later discovered outside the house, splattered with blood. This, along with other details withheld by the authorities, cast doubt on the woman’s version of events on the day of the murder.

The additional SP of Cachar district, Partha Protim Saikia, said, “We are investigating the matter and interrogation of the arrested persons is going on. After we finish the interrogation, the case will be registered against the accused under appropriate sections.”

Another murder case occurred lately when a minor Ashram Road resident went missing on September 12th. On September 16, her body was discovered near Madhura Ghat in Silchar. Locals said that Rony Das, an Ashram Road inhabitant, was responsible for the kidnapping and death of the minor.

An angry mob resorted to vandalism, escalating the situation. Motorcycles belonging to the general public were vandalized and set on fire. The mob threw stones at security guards and set fire to two shops owned by accused Rony Das’ relatives. Police had to use fire to disperse the mob.

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