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Cafe culture in Guwahati! Have you been to these 10 cafes?


Visual by: Pallab Neog

Article by Sroweta Kar, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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What do you mean by cafe? In layman language, a cafe is a place where people go have a cup of coffee and spend time. But in the 21st century, the definition has drastically changed. Now cafes are referred to as a place of social gatherings or a ‘social hub’.

How it all started

Cafes grew to prominence in Europe during the late 17th century. Cafes during that time was a convenient place serving coffee and affordable eateries. This was a new concept as restaurants and eateries were seen for fuller meals while cafes were for spending time and socialize.

It became convenient to the middle section of the society to establish jobs and became a hub for the exchange of news, ideas, and philosophy. It also helped in vanishing the gap of the upper and lower section as it was accessible and affordable to all.

Cafe culture in India


Consumption of coffee is increasing every year by 2-3 percent. More than 3-4 million bags of coffee is consumed in a year. People are addicted to globalization which is seeking into society.

India is known for its variety of teas but recently a huge hike is seen with new coffee lovers in the country. People are adopting the culture of going to a coffee shop or cafe drinking coffee, doing work as part of their life. Resulting in new cafes in every corner of the city.

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Part of lifestyle

Cafes have become a part of our lifestyle. Now we not only go for spending time but has become a source to show others about ourselves which also has some negative aspects too. Teenagers are equipped with the idea of cafes. Now, teenagers spend money not to have a good time but to post and click pictures on social media.

This shows the addiction to it. From which the concept of travel bloggers, food bloggers are growing. They go to such places and review them and people are hitched to visit those places. And why once in a while everyone needs to go out and click pictures.

Cafe craze in Guwahati


Guwahati being the largest city of the state has become a ‘cafe hub’. This craze began 5-6 years back. These cafes run because of their student customers. Students come to Guwahati from different parts of the state and after college or school, they need a place to hang out in chill. Here come the cafes.

Dighulipukhri area near the railway station has become a hot place. Every famous eatery is situated here. This place is hot for business as two major educational institutions Handique Girls College and Cotton University are situated here.

Many students live nearby to their college. So as result cafes are opened in that area and its neighboring places. Enjoy food with a good view what else could one ask for.

Cafes as a startup


Young people are converting their cars or in front of their houses to turn into a cozy cafes. Couples are opening new small places to hang out with friends. It has become a successful startup business. Some of the startup cafes are The Tea Story, Kadak Chai, Chaiology- the tea hub.

Some of the cafes which you can visit are:

Corner cafe

Strawberry Fields


Steaming mug

Chiology-the tea hub

Cafe coffee day

Table talk

11th Avenue

Cafe Riverrun

Ok Karma

These are the cafe you can visit in the city with good food, music and beautiful view. Cafes have become a lifestyle and in a way helping people getting along with friends knowing new people and many more.

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