Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Camera spots clever dog stealing food from kitchen; video goes viral with 3 million views

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A video has gone viral with 3 million views on the internet where a dog is seen secretly entering the kitchen to steal food from a pan.

Every moment of your life becomes joyful when you get a dog as your company in your house. 

If you have a dog at your home, how will the people know what he does all the time? Well, a video has gone insanely viral on social media where a dog is captured entering the kitchen and secretly eating food.

Internet adoring the video

The 15-second clip shows a pet on its hind legs pushing a chair towards the kitchen counter, where it is captured eating a pan full of food. The dog had no idea that his owner was recording him.

After pushing the chair, the dog climbed on it and started eating the food happily. The dog owner recorded everything, and at the end, he goes in front of his furry friend. 

“When you leave your dog alone for a minute,” the video caption read.

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The video was shared on a Twitter account named Buitengebieden. It has gotten over 3 million views and made the entire Twitter environment filled with love and appreciation for his guts. 

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Comments from Twitter users

“I need a compilation video of dogs stealing food. That would make my day,” said a user. “They are evolving,” a Twitter user added.

“That reminds me of my beagle mix. My daughter left her chicken wings too close to the edge of the counter and when she returned with her caesar salad, all that was left was the container and the carrot sticks,” a dog mom wrote. 

Another user shared a hilarious video of her dog stealing coconut oil

Proudly narrating the story of her pizza lover pet, She said, “We had a dachshund that was a lot less subtle. The pizza we ordered was sitting on the coffee table and he leapt from the back of the couch straight onto the pizza. No regrets.”

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