Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Canada to resettle 20,000 ‘vulnerable’ Sikh and Hindu Afghan refugees amid Taliban’s takeover

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As the Taliban is gaining control over most of Afghanistan’s important cities, other countries across the world have come forward to evacuate people from the conflicted land. The Canadian government has announced that it will permanently re-settle 20,000 “vulnerable” Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan. 

The Canadian government continues to be deeply concerned by the reckless situation


The Canadian government said in an official statement, “Canada continues to be deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the risks it poses for many vulnerable Afghans. As the Taliban continues to take over more of Afghanistan, Afghans’ lives are under threat-and many have already fled the country”.

“We owe them a debt of gratitude, and we will continue our efforts to bring them to safety,” the country’s foreign minister, Marc Garneau, said.

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Many other countries stepped in to help Afghanistan

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On 13th August, some European countries announced that they would evacuate embassy workers and Afghan nationals who have worked for them. Most of them got calls to leave the country as soon as possible. 

Norway and Denmark announced they are closing the embassy temporarily. And Denmark also announced that they will evacuate all Afghans who have worked with them in the embassy and armed forces in the last two years. Spain said that it would evacuate the Afghan translators that have worked with Spain. 

Britain said that it will send 600 troops to Afghanistan to help and evacuate people from the country. 

Who will be listed among the 20,000 vulnerable refugees?

The Afghans who have contributed to Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan will be on that list. In addition, the government now introduces a scheme, particularly for vulnerable groups.

The Indian-origin minister of National Defense Harjit S Sajjan said that the Women leaders, LGBTQ community, human rights defenders, journalists, religious minorities, individuals, and others covered by this program will be safe here and I look forward to welcoming them into our country .

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