Cat saves the family from Venomous cobra in Odisha; stands guarding for over 30 minutes


Not all heroes wear capes. This recent incident from Odisha has perfectly illustrated the bravery of a cat that stopped a cobra from entering its owner’s home. A video of this rare face-off has been circling the internet leaving netizens amazed and proud of the cat’s brave act.

Story of a cat that saves the family from a venomous serpent


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The incident took place at a residence in the Bhimatangi area of the capital city of Bhubaneswar, where a feline stood against the cobra not allowing him to enter the house. The act took place at the house of Sampad Kumar Parida. Parida said, “The cat is 1.5 years old and lives with us like a family member”.

A cobra slithered towards the house but met with their pet cat. On seeing the cobra the family panicked and called the snake helpline number.

In the picture shared on ANI’s Twitter, a white cat was photographed sitting alert in front of the house while the cobra with its spread hood waited in front of it guarding the house for no less than half an hour.

The snake helpline workers reached the place and caught and transported the snake back to its natural habitat.

Dogs or Cats?

It is said that dogs whose wolf ancestors left them with the ability to socialize more and protect their significant humans. It has been known as dogs are ‘man’s best friend’. They have been accompanying humans for centuries and have made their mark.


Cats on the other hand are said to be affectionate but very territorial and don’t turn to their owners for reassurance. That doesn’t mean they can’t be ideal pets. They are lively and have a high prey drive making them very active towards the protection of their territory.


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