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CBSE term 1 exam expected to take place from mid-November 2021; Read to know more

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This year’s Term 1 test for Class 10 and 12 will most likely be held in mid-November by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). By mid-October, the exact dates for the CBSE Term 1 exam will be announced. Multiple-choice optical mark recognition (MCQ-OMR) question sheets will be used for the 90-minute Term 1 test papers.

The CBSE board has yet to issue an official announcement in this regard. Students who wish to take the CBSE class 12 exam should visit the CBSE’s official website and keep an eye on it. The CBSE board exams are usually held in February, but due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the exams were postponed until March.

Scheme of Evaluation

In light of the coronavirus epidemic, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced a unique assessment scheme for class 10 and 12 board exams for the academic session 2021-22 on Monday.

Earlier this year, the CBSE decided to divide the board exams into two parts: Term 1 and Term 2. Term 2 exams, on the other hand, have been set for March-April 2022.

Pattern for the first term

The term-1 exam will most likely take place within 4-8 weeks. Case-based and reasoning-type MCQs may also be included in the multiple-choice questions. The exam will take 90 minutes to complete. It had also said a student’s final score would be calculated based on his/her performance in both Terms. As per the new scheme, Term 1 will be an objective type exam while Term 2 will be subjective and also have practical components.

“The syllabus for the academic session 2021-22 will be divided into two terms by following a systematic approach by looking into the interconnectivity of concepts and topics by the Subject Experts,” CBSE said.

Exams for the first term of CBSE

The CBSE Term 1 exam will be held in a flexible timetable between November and December 2021, at the end of the first term. Dates will be communicated later.

Exam pattern: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) will be used extensively in CBSE Term 1, including case-based MCQs and MCQs of the assertion-reasoning kind. Only half of the syllabus will be covered in the exam. Each exam will last 90 minutes.

CBSE result: The responses on OMR sheets will be scanned and uploaded to the CBSE portal, or the schools will analyse and upload the marks on the same day. Term 1 exam marks will contribute to the final overall score of students.

CBSE syllabus: The Term 2 or year-end examinations will be based on the second term’s rationalised syllabus, which will account for 50% of the total syllabus. Exams for the second term of the CBSE will be placed in March-April 2022 at examination centres determined by the board.

Term 2 exams will last two hours and will include questions in a variety of styles, including case-based, situation-based, open ended-short answer, and long answer types.

If a descriptive test is not possible, a 90-minute MCQ-based exam will be held at the end of Term 2. The ultimate overall score will be influenced by the results of the Term 2 examination. The Board’s Examination Unit will issue the final directive in this regard to schools.

Internal Assessment for Class 9–10

Internal evaluation for Classes 9 to 10 will include three periodic assessments, student enrichment, portfolio, and practical work/speaking listening activities/project (through the year, regardless of terms 1 and 2).

Internal Assessment for Class 11 and 12

End-of-topic or unit tests, exploratory activities, practicals, and projects will be used for internal evaluation in Classes 11 and 12. For all assessments taken during the year, the CBSE has required schools to develop a student profile. The board has requested that all evidence be kept in digital format.

“Internal assessment, practical work, and project work will all be made more believable and valid. According to the board, a moderation policy will be established to ensure a fair distribution of marks “In an official statement, the CSBE stated.

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