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Ceiling fan falls down while family was having dinner; Watch to see what happened next!

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We as a whole realize that a roof fan that breaks liberated from a ceiling mount can be lethal. However, falling fans are uncommon episodes, and one can’t preclude the chance of genuine wounds or even demise if a weighty or rabid fan ends up hitting somebody.

One such video of a similar incident is making headlines on the Internet. This risky occurrence happened when a Vietnamese family was eating together. 


In the video circulated around the web, a Vietnamese group of six individuals is seen sitting on the floor and eating together. They were likewise talking while at the same time partaking in their supper. 

Out of nowhere, one of them (likely the little one) heard something strange and turned around. After seconds, a roof fan falls on the lap of the small kid. Fan’s edges were throughout the little youngster. 

A lady, likely his mom, runs and embraces him while other relatives are in shock. Luckily, none of them had any injuries. Later the fan was removed by the man.

YouTube sensation

ViralHog has uploaded this video on YouTube with the caption, “The whole family was eating when the ceiling fan fell right between us. Luckily no one was hurt.” 

This incident took place in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, on July 8, 2021. The kid didn’t get any injury which is not exactly a supernatural occurrence. 

In excess of 238,866 views shared from their perspective over this have been collected from this video. However, individuals are stunned to see this episode; simultaneously, they are glad for the family as nobody got harmed. 

One user said, “Now that’s a miracle. 3 people in between and no one’s injured,” while another wrote, “kid has sixth sense, observing the fan before it fell.” 

One user commented, “That was scary! They nearly got it. Lucky people.”

Comments on the sixth sense of the kid

Some of them were even in shock about the kid for his quick thinking. A user commented, ‘That little baby in the white shirt knew something was up! He was looking up right before it happened, and then Bam! It dropped! Crazy!’

‘Any one noticed, the youngest one actually felt something off with the fan way before anyone realized. Yes kidos are mindful of surroundings and hence are much happier. Such a happy feeling no one hurt,’ wrote another user. A third user said, ‘Kid has sixth sense, observing the fan before it fell’

In the event that you think your roof fan is free or acting dodgy, it is best encouraged to have it looked at quickly to keep away from such risky setbacks. 

On account of this family, they were fortunate to get away from safe, yet that can’t be the case without fail. Ensure every one of your apparatuses is set up to keep away from any mishaps in your home. 

Meal and Miracle

The short-lived cut shows a group of six eating in the family room by putting a mat on the floor. The guardians reclining across from the youngsters as they talk and partake in their feast. 

Following a couple of moments, the youngster sitting close to the dad looks inquisitively towards the roof. The next second, a fan comes slamming down and arrives between him and the dad.

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