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Chandubi Lake: Lake That Formed Due To A Massive Earthquake

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Chandubi Lake: A disaster which turned into a bliss full of opportunities, defining its own uniqueness and promoting the very motive how some atrocities brings opportunity.

Let’s face it, adulthood can get stressful sometimes, and not getting enough time for yourself can be overwhelming. So do you ever wish to get away from the hustle-bustle life and spend time alone or with friends, disconnecting from the social world and connecting with nature, surrounded by lakes and forest with its captivating scenery? If yes, then there’s good news, cause I got one for you.

Chandubi Lake, which is the result of the great earthquake of Assam in 1897, is one of the most mesmerizing places you can ever go. It is around 60km from Guwahati city.

The lake is at the base of Garo hills bordering Assam and Meghalaya. Covered with deep forest, tea garden, and away from modern civilization- making it a great place for solitude.

Chandubi Lake’s serienty

It is a natural sightseeing, and one of the best places for picnic spots. It is a paradise for birds as it attracts a sizable amount of migrating birds during winter. This lake has its charm to let one stay forever.

Chandubi Lake

Thus, resulting in a huge number of tourist attractions every year. One of the prominent attractions of this lake is the natural lagoon, along with its exotic wildlife and unique vibrant culture of the Rabha community who inhabit the surrounding villages.

As it is said, “Man is the only animal that can save the earth. Yet, man is the only animal that continues to destroy earth”

Illegal logging of timber in Chandubi Lake

The same goes for the flora and fauna of the lake. The bigger unique, vibrant threat to its ecosystem is the illegal logging of timber. Although it comes under protected-reserved forest there isn’t much done to stop it.

One such case is, the bank was once full of Sal Trees, but it gradually disappeared due to its high demand in the market.

Chandubi Lake

Including the Piscean species of fish, who were once rich in numbers, but now the lake has lost around 90%. The increasing sedimentation has also made the lake shallower than it used to be. Moreover, the expanding human settlement poses a great threat to its biodiversity as well.

Measures taken by Assam Goverment to protect Chandubi Lake

However, the Assam government has stepped in to protect the wetland from losing its touch. Along with the help of the villagers, they have initiated programs to develop ecotourism near the lake.

Such as documenting the flora and fauna, organizing the Chandubi festival that starts from December 31 to January 4. It showcases the rich culture and way of life of the Rabha community, from foods to music and dance to breathtaking sceneries of the lake. It covers all the checklists.

Chandubi Lake

And if one loves the taste of adventure, then Chandubi Jungle Camp has made for you, where you can refresh yourself in the wilderness.

As it provides guests with a camping experience and also various other activities, from outdoor camping trekking in the nearby forest. It also offers visitors to go for boat rides and explore the culture of its inhabitants.

But while enjoying all this, one must not exploit this beautiful serendipity that nature has created. As it holds an immense value to the inhabitants and for the country as well.

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