Construction of buildings and skyscrapers is a job that often takes months, if not years. But not for this construction company in Changsha, China. Broad Group, a Chinese enterprise, created a splash on the internet by building a 10-storey residential building in a little over a day to be precise, 28 hours and 45 minutes.

The secret behind this marvellous speed of construction, is the technology of pre-fabricated construction systems, wherein the building is constructed by means of assembling small self-contained modular units that were built in advance in a factory.

These pre-fabricated structures are stacked on top of one another, bolted into place and made into a fully constructed building, before power and water connections are added.

In a 4-minute, 52-second video on YouTube the timelapse of the construction of the building, Broad Group wrote, “Standard container size, low-cost transportation worldwide. Extremely simple onsite installation.” the group also says it’s an “extremely simple onsite installation with just tighten bolts and connect water and electricity”.

People in internet were amazed at the speed of the construction some saying it’s a ‘marvelous revolution’ in building houses.


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