Visualizing the past few events and activities of China, many are arguing that China will replace the U.S as the world’s superpower. And to some extent it makes sense because China already has the major military power and in 5 years of time, it will be a military power in the Western Pacific as the U.S is in the Eastern. It has been predicted that China’s economy is likely to still be the world’s second biggest in 2050, trailing to U.S., as per report. The People’s Republic of China receives continual coverage in the popular press of its emerging superpower status.

Now, the term second superpower has been applied by scholars to the possibility that the People’s Republic of China which could emerge assess with Global power and influence on par with the United States.On 2004, Barry Buzan asserted that “China certainly presents the most promising all-round profile” of a potential superpower.
In 2008, Parag Khanna stated that Latin America and Africa has made a massive trade and investment in that year and China had established is presented as a superpower along with the European Union and United States its GDP has rise drastically. Parag Khanna also stated that China has developed political and economic ties with many countries including those viewed as rogue states by the United States.

Economists Arvind Subramanian serves an argument in the 2012 that China will direct the world’s financial system and Chinese renminbi will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. But what is the main reason china is emerging as the superpower?

Well, China is now a major trading nation which has built up a an impressive foreign currency. The Chinese leadership has recognized that economic reform is the only way to achieve the status it desires on its own terms. China is trying its level best to come up in the front and be the leader of the World. The Pandemic has immensely helped China to showcase its super powers.

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

Article by Pragyamita Saha, The North-Eastern Chronicle


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