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Chinese experiment shows male rats can give birth, also possible for humans; Says researchers

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According to Chinese research that says, under certain situations men may conceive like women. Research conducted by scientists from the Naval Medical University in Shanghai, China, stitched the rats together in an experiment to see whether male mammals could give birth.

The male mouse has been artificially fertilized by the researchers, stiched male rats to females, with transplanted uteri and embryos, and delivered 10 ‘successful’ pups.

They did not elaborate on the consequences for people, although it follows research into the potential of transplanting a uterus into transgender women, a member of the scientists’ team claimed.
“It will help transgenders who wish to have their child. But a further study on the matter is yet to be done.”

Male pregnancy is an extremely unusual occurrence in nature, so rare that from a fish family that includes seahorses, pipefishes, and seadragons, is the only known species in which males carry babies in pregnancy.

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