South Africa has fallen into chaos and civil unrest. This started after former President Jacob Zuma began serving 15-months for contempt, having snubbed a probe into the corruption that took place during his nine years of Presidency.

On July 13, stores and warehouses across South Africa were hit by looters for the fifth day straight. Despite the deployment of soldiers by President Cyril Ramaphosa, the unrest that had already claimed 72 lives is yet to be put under control. About 1,234 arrests have been made, although many thousands have been involved in the ransacking sprees.

The South-African main opposition has blamed the role of radicals for the pillaging of areas in Johannesburg and regions of KwaZulu-Natal. Although 2,500 armed forces have been deployed to help the overwhelmed police, the number is far less than the 70,000 troops deployed to enforce last year’s lockdown.


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