At the first-ever face-to-face meeting with the OCs of the state, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday directed the police to complete the investigation and file charge sheets in all pending rape, murder, drugs, extortion, and arms cases across the state within the next six months.

If there is a delay in receiving the forensic reports from the state, then the samples can be sent to forensic laboratories outside the state as well.

He further added that shooting at criminals “should be the pattern” if they attempt to escape from custody. Sarma said this in the context if they attempt to escape from the police custody or snatch service arms.

“If an accused tries to snatch the service gun and run away, or even simply flee, and on top of it he is a rapist, the law allows shooting at such a person on the leg, but not on the chest,” Sarma added.

He said the conference between him and the OCs will take place every six months henceforth and the OCs will have to brief him on the progress in their investigations during the meetings.


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