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Communal Riots; A Never-Ending Violence?

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Indian Communal Riots –  Hindu- Muslim riot

Religious violence in India consists of acts of violence by the followers of one religious group towards the followers of other religious groups, frequently in the shape of rioting.

Religious violence in India has typically involved Hindus and Muslims.

Despite the secular and religiously tolerant charter of India, huge spiritual illustration in diverse elements of society which include the government, the lively position performed through self-reliant our bodies such as National Human Rights Commission of India and National Commission for Minorities, and the ground level work being executed by non-governmental organizations, sporadic and every so often extreme acts of spirit organizations tend to arise as the basis reasons of communal/ religious violence frequently run deep in history, spiritual activities, and politics of India.

Recent communal riots

Let us read the number of riots that took place recently in India

Karnataka Riots

On the nighttime of 11 August and the early hours of 12 August 2020, a violent clash passed off across the house of a legislator and the police stations of KG Halli and DJ Halli of the Indian metropolis of Bangalore, Karnataka. Provoked by an inflammatory Facebook post on Muhammad that was allegedly shared by the nephew of Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, a state legislator of the Indian National Congress. As a result of the post, a group of Muslims arrived at his residence in protest which later grew to become violent.

The clashes among the police and the mobs took place across the house of the legislator and the police stations of KG Halli and DJ Halli. The incident resulted in the imposition of a curfew in the affected areas. 3 people have been killed after police opened fire at the crowds. Along with it, 30 to 80 policemen and numerous journalists, had been injured by the armed assailants. Murthy’s belongings were torched during the period of the violence.

The following day, over 100 people had been arrested by the police. Some of the crowd have been known to be allegedly led by the members of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI, and have caused the arrest of some of its leaders.

Delhi Riots

The 2020 Delhi riots, or North East Delhi riots, is one of the biggest communal riots of the past year. Multiple waves of bloodshed, belongings destruction, and rioting in North East Delhi, starting on 23 February 2020 and triggered mainly by the Hindu mobs attacking Muslims. Out of the 53 people killed, two-thirds had been Muslims who had been shot, slashed with repeated blows, or set on fire. Dead additionally included a policeman, an intelligence officer, and a dozen Hindus, who have been shot or assaulted. More than a week after the violence had ended, loads of wounded had been languishing in inadequately staffed hospitals and corpses had been discovered in open drains. By mid-March, many Muslims had remained missing.

Muslims were the target of, this violence. To have their faith ascertained, Muslim males, who in coToindus are commonly circumcised, had been at instances pressured to undress from the lower body before being brutalized. One of the inciter dents also in the included lacerated genitalbrutalizedidences destroyed had been disproportionately Muslim-owned and included four mosques, which had been set ablaze by the rioters. By the end of February, many Muslims had left those neighborhoods. Even in regions of Delhi untouched by the violence, a few Muslims had left for his or her ancestral villages, frightened for his or her security in India’s capital.

Reasons for such riots

Many historians argue that religious violence in independent India is a legacy of the coverage of divide and rule pursued by the British government at the time of the colonial era, wherein they pitted Hindus and Muslims towards one another, a tactic that ultimately culminated in the partition of India.


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