Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Complete game-changer: Male contraceptive pills ought to be accessible soon

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Any individual who’s somewhat mindful of current news might have found out about male contraceptive pills. Indeed, they are not accessible on the lookout in the market yet but the possibility of these pills being available soon has been creating a lot of chatter.

Essentially, very much like how these pills work for ladies to quit making eggs, for men it will work comparatively. These pills will keep a watch that men could prevent their sperm from making a woman pregnant.

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As researchers get massive funding boost of $1.7 million

Now, these pills may be available sooner than we thought as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given a massive funding boost to scientists researching the male contraceptive pill.


Researchers at the University of Dundee which has been one of the many institutions looking into the idea, and their work will now continue for many more trials after being given $1.7 million by the foundation.

The researchers at the University have developed a miniaturized parallel testing system that uses a fast microscope and image-processing tools, which is hoped to monitor the very fast movement of sperm in a more precise way.

Chris Barratt, shared a tweet on the University website

Dundee University Male The North-Eastern Chronicle

Chris Barratt, Professor of Reproductive Medicine in Dundee University’s School of Medicine has been excited about this funding and shared on the University’s website, “There has been no significant change in the field of male contraception since the development of the condom. This means that much of the burden of protecting against unwanted pregnancies continue to fall upon women. We hope to address that inequality and we have already made progress, thanks to our previous round of funding received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

“Dundee is uniquely placed to continue with this research, combining our internationally recognized expertise in male fertility research within our School of Medicine, with our knowledge in drug design based within our School of Life Sciences. By the end of these two years, we would like to have identified a high-quality compound that we can progress to the first stages of drug development. That would be a significant step forward for the field and could potentially be the key that unlocks a new era in male contraception.”

Facing difficulties due to various reasons

Even though there have been many attempts at making male contraception, the work has been hampered due to various reasons. Firstly, by the relatively poor understanding of human sperm biology.

Secondly, by the lack of studies that convincingly link a protein target in human sperm to the key functions that sperm must carry out after leaving the male, and thirdly the absence of an efficient system to screen the effects of the myriad chemicals and known drugs that are available.

This will be a game-changer for all the women who live in poor nations and get pregnant unintentionally.

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