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Not sure about the right way of contraception? Check out these 5 methods of contraception


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Contraception is something which is important for women to prevent health risk, especially for adolescent girls. With the infant mortality rate rising at a very high rate, to be aware and to have detailed information on contraception is very much necessary. It prevents unwanted pregnancy and also can save the lives of women. It has a range of benefits and also can treat many menstrual symptoms and disorders.

Till date a large number of the population are not fully aware of the information, advantages and know- how’s of contraceptive methods and why it plays an important element in the life of women. So let’s now know about some of the best contraceptive methods that every person should be aware of.

As there are many types and methods of contraception, not all types are appropriate for all situations. Why? Let’s know each method in a detailed way.

1: Emergency contraception


When it comes to emergency contraception, under it also there are ways and methods. Firstly, emergency contraceptive pills which are basically the hormonal pills. It can be taken in a single or double dose to prevent unprotected intercourse.

But one has to be mindful that pregnancy can occur if the pills are taken after ovulation. In the same manner, copper IUD is one of the most effective methods to control emergency contraception. It is nearly 100% effective. It comes in the form of a device which is inserted within 120 hours of unprotected intercourse.

2: Hormonal Method

Hormonal Method of contraception contraception The North-Eastern Chronicle

Ovulation is biological and this method uses hormones to regulate or prevent pregnancy. There are short acting hormonal methods as well as combined hormonal methods which include various ways and techniques. In short, acting hormonal falls through injectable birth control, where injection of a progestin is given in the arm or in the buttocks once in every three months and women following this method should follow a proper diet and rest.

Pills are also prescribed which are known as Progestin-only pills which should be taken one per day which helps in thickening of cervical mucus. In combined hormonal methods, there follows a contraceptive patch, which is a thin, plastic patch that sticks to skin and releases hormones through skin into bloodstream placed in the lower abdomen.

3: Permanent Contraception

Permanent Contraception contraception The North-Eastern Chronicle

It involves surgical procedures which makes pregnancy impossible. Tubal ligation is done for women while vasectomy is done for males and it is 100% effective. It should also be noted that tubal ligation done for women doesn’t impact their menstrual cycle and nothing actually changes in person day to day life activities. Reversing tubal ligation or vasectomy is possible, but there is no guarantee that the fertility will return or not.

4: One-time barrier contraception

One time barrier contraception contraception The North-Eastern Chronicle

One time barrier contraception method will only be effective, when used correctly. Condoms, sponges, diaphragms, cervical caps and spermicide are all barriers for birth control methods. It doesn’t require prescription or doctors approval and is available both online and offline. But it needs to be kept in mind that one time barrier only prevents pregnancy between 71% to 88%. It is always advised to consult a doctor in times of doubt.

5: Long-acting reversible contraception

Long acting reversible contraception contraception The North-Eastern Chronicle

In this, implants are done which are basically the implantable rods of matchstick fixed, flexible and plastic which is inserted under the skin of the woman’s upper arm. It also follows surgical procedure. Again, in intrauterine methods also known as the intrauterine system a small T-shaped device is inserted in a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. After a period of time, when a woman doesn’t feel the need, she can either remove or replace the device.

Overall, there is no such thing called ‘best’ method or so, it completely depends on the person which method is right for them or they are comfortable in. It is always advised to consult the doctor before doing any method of birth control or contraception.

One should learn and know about the pros and cons of every method. It has also to be kept in mind that even the most effective birth control methods can fail, but the chance of getting pregnant are lower if the effective method is used in the best possible ways.

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