Monday, November 29, 2021

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EIU declares Copenhagen World’s safest city; Delhi, and Mumbai secures position in top 50

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The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, managed to secure the top position in the “safest city” study organized by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). 

The EIU declared its Safe Cities Index 2021 on Wednesday, under which it enlisted the names of 60  cities that are safe on the basis of 76 indicators. The list also had the names of two Indian cities that are Delhi and Mumbai, which secured their position in the top 50. 


How did they judge the cities?

The cities were judged on the basis of vital indicators that include the security of Health, Infrastructure, and also the assurance of Personal and Environmental safety. 

EIU also counted the impact of COVID-19 while ranking the cities as the safest ones. The cities were graded out of 100 after they were scored on five parameters.

Copenhagen secured its position with a score of 82.4

Copenhagen secured the top position with a score of 82.4. Toronto secured the second position with a score of 82.2, followed by Singapore and Sydney, which scored 80.7 and 80.1, respectively. The top scorer of 2019, Japan’s Tokyo is now in the fourth position with 80.0 marks. 

As per  a statement by EIU, the pandemic has “changed the whole concept of urban safety.” It has shifted considerable focus towards digital security, it added.

Names and scores secured by the top 15 safest cities-

Copenhagen – 82.4

Toronto – 82.2

Singapore – 80.7

Sydney – 80.1

Tokyo – 80.0

Amsterdam – 79.3

Wellington – 79.0

Hong Kong – 78.6

Melbourne – 78.6

Stockholm – 78.0

Barcelona – 77.8

NewYork – 77.8

Frankfurt – 77.7

Washington DC – 77.4

London – 77.2

India’s Delhi and Mumbai to secure position in top 50

India’s famous Delhi and Mumbai have also managed to secure their position in the EIU “safest city” list. Delhi made it to the 48th rank with a score of  59.8 for Infrastructure, 47.5 for Digital Security, and 63.6 for Healthcare.

Mumbai is in the 50th position with scores of 57.3, 45.4, and 60.8 for Infrastructure, Digital Security, and Health, respectively.

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