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‘Corona Mata’; Villagers in UP sets temple to seek healing against coronavirus

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As the fight against the second wave of Covid-19 continues, the people of Shuklapur village in Uttar Pradesh have set up a ‘Corona Mata’ temple to seek safety and healing from the deadly virus.

The temple took shape after some villagers collected donations to set the temple under a neem tree hoping that blessings from the goddess will help tackle the pandemic. A white idol named ‘Corona Mata’ has also been placed at the temple. The idol also wears a green face mask.

There are multiple videos and photos that are doing the rounds online which show the temple, where all Covid protocols have gone for a toss as people continue to crowd inside the temple to offer prayers and receive prasad from the priest.

A villager quoted saying “After the deadly coronavirus wreaked havoc and snatched thousands of lives, we decided to set up ‘Corona Mata’ temple under a neem tree with a belief that praying to the deity would offer relief to the people from the deadly virus,”.

Video credits: Asif Rahman (Twitter)

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