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American couple celebrates 59th anniversary by recreating wedding photoshoot; View adorable pictures

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To celebrate the 59-year-old reunion, a couple in California tried to recreate their wedding day with the bride in her original wedding dress. After the photos of Karen and Gary Ryan, 79, went viral on social media, netizens were fascinated.

Statement by couple’s grand daughter

“Yesterday, Karen and Gary Ryan, my grandparents, had their 59th Wedding Anniversary! After this last year, they both had some health issues so this anniversary is extra special to all of us. We are so thankful they got to relive their wedding day all over again! We got to partially show them what our typical wedding days look like in the year 2021 vs when they got married in 1962,” wrote Nikki Ryan posting the couple’s pictures on her Instagram handle.

Wedding was held in Idaho on July 1962

Recalling the wedding in Pocatello, Idaho in July 1962, the couple returned to their memories to commemorate their special day. “This is a very simple wedding. We walked through the hall, exchanged vows, and then went to the basement of our church to attend a reception,” Karen told Good Morning America.

How did it all start?


It all started when the family discovered Karen’s wedding dress at her home in Hanford, California. However, when Karen managed to wear her clothes perfectly, the family decided to do more.

According to a news website, the couple’s daughter-in-law and granddaughter, who run a wedding photography business, came up with the idea of taking wedding photos. “I’m so excited, but I can’t believe what’s going on,” Karen said.

Reliving moments from 1962

Wanting to continue this idea, the couple wanted to relive those special moments, especially after Gary had a heart attack, the family rented a matching white evening dress that Gary wore in 1962. And it took a day to click on the photos and recreate the moment of your original wedding day.

“It was really emotional,” Gary told the news website, adding: “She still looks pretty hot.”

“Just looking at the two photos, like that was them 60 years ago, and this is them now and they’re still just as in love. They just have so much fun together, always laughing, and they are such a solid team,” granddaughter McCall told the website.

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