Monday, November 29, 2021

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Cow should be declared as the National animal, says Allahabad High Court; sparks new controversy

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On Wednesday, the Allahabad High Court said that the cow should be declared as the national animal of India including gau raksha (cow protection) as a fundamental right of the Hindus. The court made the statements, along with other observations, making notes on the religious and cultural significance of cows and the importance of cow protection, while denying bail to Javed from Sambhal, who was arrested for stealing a cow and slaughtering it with his associates and put into jail in March. 

Plans by the government for research on ‘indigenous’ cows

A Bench of Justice, Shekhar Kumar Yadav warned people while holding cows as a symbol of Indian culture and talking about the importance of protecting this culture. He further mentioned that people should not forget the deadly situation in Afghanistan created by the Taliban after capturing the landlocked country from the crossroads of Central and South Asia. 

The court made its statement saying history was full of instances that “whenever we forgot our culture, foreigners attacked us and enslaved us and if we are not warned, we should not forget the unbridled attack on and capture of Afghanistan by Taliban”.

“Basis of our culture” , says court


The court made its statement saying that the cow was the “basis of our culture” occupying an important place in the Shastras,the Puranas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It also pointed towards the economic impact of cows as the “backbone” of farming and other daily uses.

Justice Yadav says, how the scientists believe that the cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen. He also talked about mythology at some points in the 12-page order in Hindi.

Opinion made by Justice Yadav

Justice Yadav also gave his opinion that the Parliament should set up a law to take strict action against the people who were accused of cow slaughtering. He explained cows as a Pride of Hindu faith and culture, and claimed that the majority of Muslims in India were agreeing to the nationwide ban on cow slaughter.

The court also added, “When the faith and culture of the country suffer injury, the country becomes weak.”

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