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Haflong: Speaker Biswajit Daimary leads meeting on ‘Indigenous Faith and Culture’

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Biswajit Daimary, Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly, and his deputy, Dr Numal Momin, visited Dima Hasao on Saturday as part of a preliminary survey for various new schemes and initiatives to be undertaken under the newly-formed ‘Indigenous Faith and Culture’ department formed by the Government of Assam, as decided during a cabinet meeting in July last year.

Various tribes’ points of view discussed


At the District Library Auditorium, Daimary convened a meeting with several social leaders from various communities in Dima Hasao to discuss various challenges and noteworthy aspects of the numerous indigenous tribes of this Dist. It also emphasised the tribal people’s pride and unique identity, as well as their diverse cultures, traditions, and rituals.

It should be noted that the speaker and deputy speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly have been entrusted with leading the newly created “Department of Indigenous Faith and Culture,” which is tasked with preserving and protecting the faith, culture, and traditions of the state’s indigenous communities.

What really transpired during that meeting? Continue to read

During the meeting, the Speaker provided a detailed outline of the department’s objectives and solicited suggestions and opinions from all of the prominent persons in attendance.

The speaker told the audience that the department was established to promote, formulate, and implement policies and programmes for the welfare and overall development of the state’s indigenous and tribal people.

He further stated that the finance department has approved a sum of Rs.100 crores for this purpose for the current fiscal year.

The speaker made the following points:

“Most ancient traditions and practises had a scientific approach in some way or another, which is why most healing traditions, ayurveda, ways of life, and practises are still so varied and successful. However, most of the beautiful traditional and culturally rich indigenous traditions are considered as threatened as a result of negligence,” the speaker stated.

As part of this, a team led by him will travel to all of the state’s districts and meet with prominent people, intellectuals, and scholars to develop a road plan for the department.

What was their real identity?

In his lecture, Dr. Numal Momin stated that the tribal people’s indigenous traditions and lifestyles represent their identity, which must be honoured and conserved because there are many unexplained things that even contemporary methods have not been able to achieve.

NCHAC CEM Debolal Gorlosa, who welcomed the government’s initiative to promote traditional and indigenous faith and culture, said that the district of Dima Hasao includes various tribes, each with their own distinct culture, traditions, folk song, and folk dance.

Inspired a variety of musical and dancing interests

CEM Gorlosa has granted jobs to individuals who have won traditional competitions such as playing musical instruments like the ‘Kharam and Muri’ and winners of traditional dance competitions during Bushu in order to encourage youth to acquire an interest in traditional musical instruments and dances. He went on to say that he has been working hard to protect customs and customary rites, and that he has recommended limiting holidays on the annual harvest of all Dima Hasao tribes within the Assam government’s harvest festival schedule.

MLA Bhupan Pegu and MLA Bhupen Boro joined the speaker on stage. MLA Nandita Gorlosa, NCHAC CEM Debolal Gorlosa, NCHAC Chairperson Ranu Langthasa, officials from the district government, and other dignitaries joined him from the area.

Representatives from other community leaders also made ideas and initiatives, which the Speaker’s officials took note of. The speaker went on to say that he and Dr. Numal Momin will visit all of the indigenous districts together to compile a report on the opinions and ideas on the new Indigenous Faith and Culture Department, which would then be given to the Assam government.

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