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‘Data shared with third-parties only to enable certain features’, says Krafton amid allegation of privacy breaching

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On Wednesday, Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton stated that the, “data shared to third parties are only to enable certain game features”. Recently, the company was allegedly found sending data of Indian players to servers in China belonging to Tencent, the developer of PUBG Mobile. Krafton had announced that the company was going to cut ties with China-based Tencent last year to allow the game to re-launch in India.

However, the company said, “Krafton will continue to closely monitor and protect any data being transferred to unexpected and restricted IP addresses prior to the official launch.”

According to statement made by Krafton, it stated,“Similar to other global mobile games and apps, Battlegrounds Mobile India also uses third-party solutions to provide unique game features. In the process of using these solutions, some game data was shared to third parties.”

“Krafton is implementing the industry’s toughest standards for data security and is working to overcome any shortcomings throughout the Early Access testing period, for the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. In the meantime, Krafton is fully aware of the recent concerns over data handling in regards to Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access test,” the statement added.

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