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Have you heard about the famous escape of “The Dead Shark, Rosie”? Take a look at these 5 interesting facts on it


Article by Drishika Deka, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

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Many incidents have been happening all around the world which have collectively sparked the interest of the mankind. Some of them are known to almost everyone while a few are still in the veil of ignorance until they were explored through social media.

Humans and the other living creatures shared a close bond with one another in the past as both of them constituted the world collectively.

But due to the oversize human population and the increasing needs, a constant conflict between the animals and the human race could be encountered.


Fishing is practised by people all over the world, but have you ever come across the incident related to a great white shark becoming famous only after it’s death? Well, I am talking about the popular shark who was able to catch the attention of the netizens and won many hearts in the process as large amount of campaigns were launched for her safety.

She came to be popularly known as Rosie the Shark. But the most shocking thing is that she was able to capture the hearts of many people worldwide even though she wasn’t alive.

Weird isn’t it? Well let us discuss 5 interesting facts about Rosie the Shark, starting from her discovery till the time when she is moved to her present home in the Crystal World.

Rosie the Shark’s first appearance in front of humans

Back in the year 1997, Rosie the shark was first discovered by the fishermen in South Australia as she got trapped in the Lukin family’s fishing net. Due to her large size, it was difficult for the fishermen to release her from the net and as a result of which, they had no other option left besides killing her.

What really happened after her death?

Rosie the shark was later on purchased by Wildlife Wonderland as they took great interest in it. But on the way of her transportation towards her new destination in Victoria in a refrigerated truck, the South Australian government obstructed any further shifting of the shark to the new place as it was necessary for them to check whether the shark was responsible for the disappearance of a missing person in South Australia, through its autopsy.

But later on she was released and was preserved in formaldehyde as the autopsy showed no trace of human remains in her body. After she was released, she was moved to Wildlife Wonderland, her new home.

Was she welcomed in her new home?

In the year 2012, Wild life Wonderland had to close their business as it was reported that they have been doing business without the presence of any appropriate license. They were forced to hand over all the animals to RSPCA and DSEV.

Meanwhile, Rosie the Shark was left forgotten in the decayed wildlife park. About seven years ago from then when the owners of Crystal world visited the park and they made a decision to develop it further.

At that time they saw Rosie locked away in it’s tank, in a dark shed. But due to some issues, they could not continue further with the project.

How did a dead shark gain popularity?

Shark Rosie Shark The North-Eastern Chronicle

Rosie became an internet sensation after a video of her, abandoned in her tank went viral as it gained millions of views in the year 2018. She was discovered by many people all over the world through the viral video.

But this worldwide discovery unfortunately led to vandals as some souvenir hunters trespassed into the decayed park and proceeded to destroy Rosie’s tank by smashing it, by using violence.

As a result of which, the outer layer of two panels were destroyed. Some even initiated to throw garbage into the tank which damaged Rosie’s body to a certain extent. Seeing all these commotion, the owner of the park decided to proceed with the removal of Rosie from there, unless a new owner was found for her.

Large amount of campaigns were done by people on social media, television etc which ultimately led to the reaching of the news about Rosie’s deteriorating condition to the ears of Thomas Kapitany. Later on Rosie’s owner, Nick proceeded to offer Rosie to Thomas Kapitany without any charges. She was later on transported to Crystal World, her new home.

Where is Rosie the Shark Now?

Rosie the Shark is now in her new home at The Crystal World Exhibition Centre. Here, she is being restored and will be soon put for permanent display. Measures are taken to expand the size of the building in order to make more room for Rosie the Shark’s exhibition.

After a huge chaos and commotion, the netizens were happy when she finally received her permanent home in Crystal World Exhibition Center.

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