Death of humanity – 300 dogs poisoned and buried on panchayat order in Andhra Pradesh

In a horrific incident of animal cruelty, more than 300 stray dogs were poisoned to death and buried on the order of the panchayat of a village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, an animal rights group has alleged.

The dogs were reportedly killed and buried at a village in the district’s Lingapalem area.

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Why did they do so?


Animal activists said that the panchayat of Lingapalem in West Godavari district had resolved to get rid of stray dogs in and around the village. But instead of sterilizing them, the gram panchayat engaged dog killers, who poisoned the dogs.

Fight against animal cruelty


An official belonging to Challapalli Charitable Trust which fights for animal issues has filed a complaint at Dharmajigudem police station.

According to a TOI report, In her complaint, Sri Latha Challapalli, the treasurer of trust, claimed that the panchayat had decided to take help from the members of the Dekkala to eliminate the stray dogs.

Over 300 stray dogs were injected with poison and then later and thereafter, the carcasses of the deceased canines were buried in pits, Sri Latha alleged.

“The killings have been happening since July 24. A local panchayat worker has been tasked by higher officials to kill the stray dogs instead of sterilizing them scientifically as per government guidelines,” The animal activist told TOI.

Charges against this horrifying crime

dogs 1 panchayat The North-Eastern Chronicle

Based on Sri Latha’s complaint, a case has been registered under various sections of the Indian Panel Court and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

The initial probe conducted by the police suggested that the poison injections were purchased from a local pharmacy in the village. The investigation is on its way.


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