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Dedication! Assam medical team travels hours in boat to register Covid vaccine to remote village

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Every State or country are trying their level best to defeat Covid so that some normalcy comes back in our lives. From Government to individuals, people are concerned about the grieving state of Humankind. The Pandemic has taken a toll on everyone irrespective. And, amid these the frontline warriors are giving their best shot to the work that they are allotted with.

The medical team in Assam on Saturday with their strong dedication succeeded in delivering the Covid-19 vaccine in the remote village under Jalalpur BPHC of Cachar District. They traveled for hours in a boat to reach their destination to administer Covid vaccine doses to the villagers. Pictures of them crossing rivers on mere boats have gone viral.

We are amidst a deadly pandemic and our health workers have dedicated their lives to our service. They are working day and night and taking care of us and are helping us to successfully eradicate this deadly virus from our country.

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