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“No Saree”: Delhi eatery refuses a woman wearing Saree; Netizens Storms Twitter

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Netizens are outraged as a Delhi eatery refuses entry to a woman wearing a saree because it isn’t considered “smart wear.”
A woman wearing a saree was allegedly denied access to a restaurant in Delhi. On Twitter, an undated and unverified video of a woman asking the staff at a hotel if she can wear a saree has gone viral.

“No Saree, Only smart casuals are permitted”

A woman is heard requesting the personnel, “Show me that saree is not allowed.” When she says it again, a female staff member says, “We only allow sophisticated casuals, Ma’am, and a saree does not fall under that category. That concludes our discussion.”

Delhi eatery

According to reports, the event occurred at the Aquila restaurant in Ansal Plaza on Khel Gaon Marg in Delhi.
” As an Indian restaurant, Aquila does not allow sarees. The saree is no longer considered a fashionable attire. Please provide a concrete definition of the term “smart outfit.” “Define smart clothes so I don’t have to wear a saree,” the video’s caption reads.

Delhi eatery video goes viral

The 16-second video has received a lot of attention on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. More than 2.25 lakh people have seen the video. After witnessing the video, internet users were enraged.
“This is ridiculous,” one user said. “An effort to DESTROY INDIAN CULTURE…” commented another.

“Saree is, was, and always will be most gorgeous apparel,” said a third user. Another person inquired, “What are smart casuals, exactly? Is it true that there are also idiotic casuals? I’ve seen folks with ripped jeans. What about smart casuals?”

Netizens are enraged

Many others referred to it as “bizarre.” Take a look at some of the tweets to see what I mean.
“Who says that a sari isn’t’smart wear’? I’ve worn sarees to some of the top restaurants in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. No one intervened. And some Aquila Restaurant in India decides that wearing a saree isn’t “cool enough”? Bizarre.”

“Saree is not allowed at Aquila restaurant because Indian saree is no longer a smart outfit,” someone commented on the video. @AmitShah @HardeepSPuri @CPDelhi @NCWIndia, what is the concrete definition of smart outfit? @PMishra Journo #lovesaree” ”please define smart outfit so I may stop wearing saree” ”seriously. In an independent India, such eateries have no right to exist. I am certain that the licences of such restaurants/clubs that are against ethnic attire should be revoked.” One Twitter user expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.
Soon after the video went viral, netizens gave the eatery harsh ratings and a one-star rating. The eatery had a 2-star rating on Zomato at the time of writing this article. Statement from the restaurant

The restaurant responded with a public statement on Instagram

Delhi eatery

According to the restaurant, “Aquila is a proudly Indian brand, and each member of the crew represents it. Our gate manager’s statement does not represent the entire team’s attitude on the dress code. Nowhere in our company policy does it state that anyone dressed in ethnic garb will be denied access.”

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