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Detected! Rare White Fungus Abscess in Brain of Covid Recovered Patient in Hyderabad

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In May of this year, the patient in question had recovered from Covid-19 but had experienced appendage impairments as well as communication problems.

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A case of white growth or Aspergillus framing a canker in the cerebrum of a Covid recovered patient was reported from Hyderabad.

The patient in question had recovered from Covid-19 in May of this year but had developed limb paralysis and speech difficulties. A sweep of the mind uncovered cluster-like arrangements that didn’t decrease even in the wake of taking drugs. 

After the medical procedure, specialists tracked down that white parasite had framed a canker in the patient’s cerebrum. 

Route of entry of the white fungus


Dr. P Ranganadham, senior neurosurgeon, Sunshine Hospitals, while conversing with the Times of India, called this event uncommon and guessed on the course of the passage of the white organism into the cerebrum of the patient.

A senior neurosurgeon at Hyderabad-based Sunshine Hospitals, Dr. P Ranganadham, said while fungal infections have been found in Covid-19 patients who are diabetic, in this case, although the patient has a history of high blood pressure there was no presence of diabetes, as per a report published in TOI.

 “This case is unique as there is an abscess formed by white fungus in the brain. The infection is post-recovery from Covid-19. Generally, fungal infections in Covid-19 patients are found if they are diabetic. The patient is non-diabetic. The paranasal sinuses are clear indicating that white fungus had not entered the brain through the nose unlike black fungus,” 

White fungus 3 Covid The North-Eastern Chronicle


Upon additional investigation into the patient’s state, the patient began grasping inadequacies in the appendages on the 6th day of hospitalization, during the peak of Covid’s second wave, and had difficulty speaking, according to Dr. P. Ranganadham.

He initially stated that the patient had been treated for a haematoma. However, that chance was discarded when after rehashed the MRI of the cerebrum, it was tracked down that the sore had expanded in size with thick, clear-cut edges. 

“The smaller lesions remained unchanged. When operated, we found a well-encapsulated abscess containing soft necrotic material, separate from normal brain,” Dr. Ranganadham told TOI.

Doctor termed the rare occurrence of abscess as Aspergillosis

White fungus 4 Covid The North-Eastern Chronicle

The specialist named the uncommon event of canker as Aspergillosis. He said Aspergillosis of the focal sensory system is a consequence of the intrusion of the mind veins by white growth. 

However, he noticed that irritation (granuloma) of the cerebrum by Aspergillus is normal; specialists seldom run over instances of white parasite for framing a boil.

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