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Did You Know? In Bongaigaon, Assam, there is a place where river Champawati meets Brahmaputra and this place exactly looks like the map of India

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There is a place in Bongaigaon (Assam) where the Champabati River meets the Brahmaputra River and this place looks exactly like the Indian Map Shaped River on the ground . This is the most beautiful piece of geography that one may have seen. Because this place where Champawati River meets Brahmaputra River in Bongaigaon, that place looks exactly like our country map. In Assamese it is called ‘Chapori’.

Oringins of Champabati River :

The Champavati River is a tributary of the Brahmaputra River in the Indian state of Assam. Champawati River has three sub tributaries – Bhur River, Lopani and Dhol Pani which originate from the hills of Bhutan.

  • The Bhur River : The Bhur River originates from Gurungdo and flows through Bhur village located in Sidli tehsil of Chirang district in Assam and after entering Assam it forms a small river called Patikhola. The Bhur river flows through Salbari Bhurpar and takes two tributaries from the Phulkumari river on both its banks and joins the Dholpani River and finally it is known as Champabati River.
  • The Dholpani River : The Dholpani River also originates from the hills of Bhutan and flows across the Bhutan-India border, before it carries the two tributaries Arne Khola River and Tiniabadhi River and finally joins the Champabati River.
  • The Lopani River : The Lopani River flows through the forest of Chirang and takes a tributary from Jora Beel before meeting with the Dholapani River. Dholpani and Lopani meet together after which it is given the name of Champabati River.

The Champabati River , after crossing the National Highway 31C, splits into two and finally joins the Brahmaputra River near Chapar in Dhubri district.

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