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Did You Know? The news of death of both Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler was broken to the world on May 1

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The two of world’s most hated figures joined in death by a quirk of fate. As it turns out, the news of death of both Laden and Hitler was broken to the world on the same day. It was on May 1, 1945 when Germany made public the death of Hitler, the man behind the massacre of 6 million Jews. Sixty-six years later, Former US President Barack Obama announced the killing of Laden after the conclusion of a special operation against him.

Moreover, it was at 2230 hours (German time) when a newsreader announced that the Fuhrer (a German title meaning leader, generally associated with Hitler) had fallen at his command post fighting to the last breath, while Obama also broke the news about Laden at 2230 hours (American time) as he addressed the nation from the White House.

Hitler’s thousand-year Reich (a German word cognate with English word rich, also used to designate an empire) lasted 12 years and three months. Osama had in 1979 joined Afghan resistance against the erstwhile Soviets before turning against the Americans in the 1990s.

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