For the starters, Tulsishyam is a place situated on the border of Amreli district and Junagadh district, in the Gir forest National Park in Gujarat. It is famous for the 3,000 year-old Krishna temple and houses a hot water spring known for its healing powers. Another highlight of Tulsishyam is the famous anti-gravity hill which is nothing but the balancing out of gravitational forces in the region.

In reality, these are not crooked vortexes in the Earth’s gravitational field; rather they are purely optical illusions occurring due to the structure of land on either side of the road. It may look that the cars, water and balls are rolling up hill, but in reality they are sloping downward, the way they should be. The horizon line and other attributes of the surrounding vistas trick the brain into assuming the slope as uphill. Yet, it is difficult for the ordinary brain to accept the truth.

The superstitious people living in this area beg to differ from the ‘anti-gravity’ theory. They harbour a belief that this phenomenon is actually a supernatural occurrence. They say that this way goes all the way to heaven because it feels like we are being pulled upward. It is still better in the sense that they do not attribute the phenomenon to be the work of some ghost or evil force unlike their Western counterparts.

However, Tulsishyam is not the only place to have anti-gravity hills. The Electric Bae in South Ayrshire (Scotland), the Gravity Hill in Prosser (Washington), the Confusion Hill in Piercy (California) and the Magnetic Hill in Black Rock (Australia) are also similar places located in different parts of the world.

Source: Times Travel


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