Former wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik has made a name for himself in the world of cricket with his commentary debut during the World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand. However, a week from that, on Thursday, during the second ODI between England and Sri Lanka, he made a sexist comment while on air.

Karthik is now attracting massive anger on social media from people who lauded him a few days ago. The 36-year old made a parallel comparison between the game equipments and the “neighbour’s wife” while trying to convey that batsmen are not happy with their own bats and find others’ equipment to be more appealing and reliable.

“Batsmen and not liking bats, they go hand in hand. Most of the batters don’t seem to like their bats. They either like another person’s bat. Bats are like a neighbour’s wife. They always feel better,” he said.

Twitter and other social media has immediately called out the Former KKR skipper over his misogynistic comments and many has demanded for a proper apology.


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