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Disgusted: The Fanta omelette from a Surat food stand has foodies questioning ‘why’

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Fanta omelette seems to be the new obsession of the internet! While the internet is full of delicious recipes, people occasionally come upon bizarre foods that make others feel disgusted. The most recent addition to the list is the ‘Fanta Omelette,’ which has online foodies perplexed.

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Reason for inventing such recipe

Yes, someone has created an egg recipe using the sour aerated drink at a street food booth in Gujarat. Wondering why? 

Its “Public demand,” says the chef and co-owner.

Costing of ‘Fanta Fry’

The sweet-and-spicy version of the egg dish, known as ‘Fanta Fry,’ costs Rs 250 a plate and is cooked with both sunny-side-up and boiled eggs.

How did it go viral?


fter a prominent YouTube channel Food Blogger, Indian Eat Mania, featured the Surat eatery in its most recent episode, the dish went viral.

For those who are intrigued, the food blogger tried the strange dish and rated it as decent.

Other options in the stall

If you’re not an orange drink fan, the food stall proprietor mentioned that they also serve ThumsUp Fry and Limca Fry foods.

The eggs are served with pav (bread) and a sauce created from the soda drink, spices, mashed potatoes, and green chutney. The omelet is then topped with a mountain of cheese and served hot, with the rest of the soft drink on the side!

Watching the recipe online wasn’t pleasurable

Fanta omelet 1 Fanta The North-Eastern Chronicle

Those who watched the video on the internet, on the other hand, were generally unimpressed. They expressed their surprise and displeasure with the dish on Twitter. Swiggy, a meal delivery service, tweeted about it as well.

“first tandoori sushi, now Fanta omelet. What else will this week make me see?” Swiggy tweeted.

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