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Divorce: Why is it still a taboo?


By: Mayurankhi Handique, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Abiskar Banikya

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In the Western world, divorce may be a common occurrence. One of the most vocal opponents of this family issue is the eastern world. Divorce is still a taboo subject in society today. A couple may marry in a beautiful wedding and appear to be the happiest people on the planet, but what happens next is unclear. They might either live a life of fairytales or experience the greatest nightmares.

In Indian culture, marriage is a holy institution, and divorce is frowned upon and considered taboo. Divorce is still frowned upon in India, as a result, dealing with divorce in India necessitates a great level of emotional stability and endurance on both spouses’ parts.

divorce impact Divorce The North-Eastern Chronicle

In modern Indian society, a woman’s role is not confined to that of a housekeeper. Women of the new generation have achieved economic parity with males. As women become more economically independent and autonomous, the concept of “compromise in marriage” is rapidly diminishing. Modern Indian men and women do not believe in marital compromise in the same manner that our forefathers did.

What is divorce?


After all, what is a divorce exactly? Simply walking away from someone who wasn’t meant for you and ending a relationship that has been bothering you for a long time. It may be considered evil, but it is sometimes a necessary evil.

Is it more necessary to save a marriage than an individual’s health?

Divorce has caused many people to suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and social anxiety, as well as physical consequences. Staying in a dysfunctional relationship against your will, on the other hand, has its own set of problems.

“It’s difficult to live alone. There’s a lot of danger in this world.”

Divorce is not a major issue in and of itself. Everyone desires freedom in their lives as a human being. Some relationships are supposed to be broken, especially those that are burdensome. Our patriarchal society, on the other hand, exaggerates the issue of divorce. 

As a result, women are the ones that suffer the most. They become the target of either harsh criticism or unfathomable sympathy. Women who have been divorced are conditioned to feel that they are weak and incapable of surviving in the harsh world without the help of a man. 

The culture rejects their requests for a second marriage or partnership. They are referred to as “damaged goods” and other derogatory words.

“Men too suffer”

Men too suffer from Divorce Divorce The North-Eastern Chronicle

Men had higher health issues during and after a divorce than women. Weight swings, depression, anxiety, and insomnia are among the most frequent health issues. Men are also more vulnerable to stroke and heart disease due to the added stress of managing all of their assets and identity theft. 

Men are also more likely to use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate. For males, one of the most painful aspects of divorce is not being able to see their children every morning, evening, or on weekends as they did when married. 

Typically, primary custody is given to the mother of the children, and the father is given restricted time as part of a custody schedule. Becoming a “weekend dad” is a new, terrifying reality.

Society plays a major role

While the number of divorce cases in the country’s cities is on the rise, the rural areas are still largely unaware of the law. Ignorance and illiteracy have also had a significant part in influencing society’s thinking and ideals. People are so concerned about their family’s social standing that they refuse to consider divorce. 

In many cases, parents attempt to mediate issues between married couples in order to avoid a premature divorce. Although mediation can help restore family peace and harmony, there are also circumstances where partners choose to stay in a marriage they despise.

As a result, our society might be regarded as a driving force behind the persistence of failed and broken marriages. Divorce is not a major issue in and of itself. Everyone desires freedom in their lives as a human being. Some relationships are supposed to be broken, especially those that are burdensome.

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