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Do Journalists Matters Selectively?: Is The Ethics Of Journalism At Stake?

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Mainstream Media which is said to be the voice of the people has the responsibility to cover all the stories, without any biases. Yet, it is a very well known fact that it runs after sensationalism, conflict, or stories that garn more attention.

When Arnab Goswami, Chief editor of Republic Media Network, was arrested from his Mumbai residence last Wednesday, he received a huge amount of support from people all over India as well as from other nations. Ranging from twitter trend to protest in the streets of Guwahati, Delhi, and Mumbai. Meanwhile, the petition for showing solidarity with Arnab received almost around 6 lakh signatories. 

However, no protest or coverage has come to the limelight after the mysterious death of a journalist Parag Bhuyan from Kakopathar of regional news channel Pratidin Time. As per the reports, he was hit by a truck near his residency. And it is alleged that he was working on reports exposing the illegalities and corruption in Kakopathar which may have a link with well-known politicians.

Parag Bhuyan, the senior journalist of Pratidin Times and Vice-president of the Tinsukia District Journalists’ Association, was the brother of former Assam Minister Jagadish Bhuyan, who is also the coordinator of Assam Jatiya Parishad.

The Assam government has ordered a CID probe to investigate the death of the senior journalist, and arrested the driver and handyman of the Tata DI Vehicle, James Mura, and Baba Bordoloi, for a hit and run case. However, it is being alleged that the death of the late journalist is linked with the revelation of the corruption scandal of many renowned politicians.

Hence, the main concern that arises from this case is how the life of journalists is at stake and how journalism, which is called the fourth pillar of democracy is losing its credibility every day, as the mainstream media fails to cover such stories, instead highlighting those who are sensational or about prominent personalities. As responsible citizens, we must voice out the injustice and keep the spirit of journalism alive.

Written By: Ashutosh Roy, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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