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Adorable! Dog Captured playing with butterflies; video goes viral overnight

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Have you ever seen a dog playing with butterflies? If not then this video of a dog playing with butterflies will make your day brighter. It has gone viral on social media for its innocence.  The video was posted on a Twitter handle named Buitengebieden. The clip has gained 1 million views. The adorable video of the dog has left everyone surprised yet amused to a great extent.

Play is a pleasurable work for puppies

Play is pleasurable work for animals that includes running, jumping, chasing, mouthing, chewing, wrestling, biting, hiding, and even humping. And this video of a little dog finding its way to play with butterflies is way more beautiful than one can ever imagine.

About the video

Watch the video here:

In the 14-second video, the dog was seen playing with a ball when two colorful butterflies suddenly appeared. One of the butterflies was captured sitting on the dog’s nose. The dog was not even trying to chase it away but let it sit for as long as it wanted. After a while, the butterfly was seen flying away and the dog was seen looking up with amazement.

Dogs with unique gestures

Dogs are born with unique gestures, the play bow, that signals “play mode.” This signal is when a dog goes down on its elbows with its rear end elevated and tail raised and wagging. Such posturing says they have their “play face,” on while sitting with their mouth open and ears pricked. They also bark which signals their desire to solicit the involvement of another Animal or their human friend. They may approach and withdraw from a  play partner who is potential while pouncing and leaping about.

Play is usually between two or more individuals. Sometimes dogs without partners will play by themselves. And this video is an example of a little dog playing on his own and enjoying the vibe with two butterflies. Solitary play is a sad event and may even have unwanted long-term repercussions but this dog found a way to not disturb his human friends and played with the butterflies instead.

People admiring and praising the dog on the internet

The Internet people are in awe of this cute video featuring the dog playing with colorful butterflies. 

“What a darling. The ball didn’t move, but the butterflies did. No wonder they were so much more interesting (sic),” a comment read. “Such a happy, glorious scene! The world is a beautiful, peaceful place (sic),” a user wrote.

Why Do Dogs Play?


Why is playing a necessary part of growing up for all young social animals like dogs and other animals? What do you think? What makes them happy?

Well! It’s because, without it, they will not develop to their full potential. This is not the exact case, as animals stop playing for reasons of sickness or ill health they grow up to be behaviorally indistinguishable from their play-satiated peers. So, it’s a part of their happiness. It’s not like “players” may not develop more rapidly than their play-deprived peers, but often the result turns out to be more or less the same.

If playing and socializing are not imperative for development and growth in animals, what good is it?

Play is a role-playing rehearsal for adult behaviors that prepare a youngster for what lies ahead. And while playing pups exercise their bodies and minds. And this video is where the exercise of mind is taking place making the dog happier, healthier, and smarter as well.

How playful dogs learn the rudiments of the chase?

In nature, this friendliness may give a dog an edge over their unrehearsed counterparts which are still struggling to learn the Ps and Qs of canine etiquette or the rudiments of the chase. So, play learning is most efficient for them which comes along with socializing. Mouthiness is first seen at 3 weeks of age, right after the transitional period. Then comes solicitation, fighting, scruff holding, deference, and finally sexual play among the animals.

All these forms of play start in the socialization period which is basically from 3 to 6 weeks of age and they intensify as the pup approaches the stage of adolescence. Object play like chewing and chasing objects starts a little later and becomes the most intense after about 16 to 20 weeks of age.

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