Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Angry driver leaves passenger stranded on highway; watch video to find out why!

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A strange video of an agitated driver has recently gone viral on social media. The video shows a strange instance where an agitated Lyft driver kicked her passenger out of her cab after an argument with the passenger.

The incident

The incident took place in the US where the video reveals a cab driver and a passenger have an argument, after which the passenger is seen standing on a highway in Nashville. It has triggered a discussion online.

Watch the Video here:

The video is shared by a TikTok user, @aaron0308, the fellow passenger is heard asking the cab driver to go under the speed limit. “I’m saying I’m gonna go…” the driver shouts at the passenger and turns back while she realises he is recording her.

Lyft driver misbehaves


The Lyft driver tries to grab the passenger’s phone and is caught freaking out and abusing the passenger.

Following this action she then pulls over and asks him repeatedly to get out. “I just want my bag, ma’am,” he is heard saying as she rages out of the car in barefoot, and throws his suitcase along the highway.

“You think I’m gonna deal with that? I got it all on camera too, everything!” The driver is heard shouting before driving off, leaving him behind.

Argument among Netizens’

Few netizens argue that the driver must be expelled, others are waiting to know what really triggered the driver.

According to a report, the incident occurred when the passenger, identified as Aaron Swetland, was heading towards home from the Nashville International Airport. He said to the local media outlet that at first everything appeared fine but trouble arose when he wanted the driver to shut his rear window because of the pressure on his ears.

“Lyft’s COVID protocol to keep the windows open”

“So I attempt to raise the window on the door and she has it locked out,” said Swetland, who was previously a ride-share driver himself. He said the driver, however, brought up that it was Lyft’s COVID protocol to keep the windows open.

Things changed soon after when he asked her to lessen the vehicle’s speed so that it would be more pleasant for him if the car’s windows were to be kept down. “That’s when I turned on my camera,” he said.

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