Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Smart Elephant draws water from tubewell, video goes viral on Internet

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Have you ever seen an elephant drawing water from a tubewell? Well, that’s something you will not see everyday. So, here is a video of an elephant drawing water from a tubewell and curbing wastage. 

Importance of water conservation


We all know the importance of conserving water. There is a huge wastage of the important resources and it’s very important for mankind to understand and curb them. So, the Ministry of Jal Shakti shared a video of an elephant drawing water from a tubewell while creating an awareness regarding water conservation. And the video has gone viral with a lot of admiration by the social media people.

Watch the video here:

About the video

In that 26 second clip the elephant was seen drawing water from a tubewell and he stopped every time it had drawn enough water for itself. After drawing water, the elephant was captured drinking it happily.

“An elephant also understands the importance of each drop of water. Then why do people not understand the worth of the natural resource? Come and let’s learn about water conservation from this elephant,” caption read of the video.

Adorable video gains 17,000 views

The video went viral on the internet with 17,000 views. The video was also shared by the Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey on his account. “Water and animals both are precious, to be conserved for own survival,” he said

“Very intelligent. If I had just half his wisdom,” a user said. Another one commented, “Elephants are so smart. We are fortunate to have them.”

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