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Facebook Rebrands To Meta: What is this next evolution of Social Connection? Read To Know More

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Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, revealed his vision for the company’s future on Thursday, implementing the company’s focus on the metaverse. The company, which has now been renamed Meta, already has a formidable foothold on the web. What lengths will it go to ensure its success?


The name alludes to the concept of the “metaverse,” a phrase for a future internet with a focus on virtual environments. The metaverse, according to Zuckerberg, will be the internet’s “next frontier.”

What is “Metaverse”?

The metaverse is the point at which the physical and digital worlds collide. It’s a virtual world where avatars, or digital representations of humans, mingle at work and play, meeting in offices, attending concerts, and even trying on clothes. 

The term “metaverse” was first used in the 1992 sci-fi novel “Snow Crash” to describe a place where individuals go to escape a violent corporate-controlled Earth. It’s now used to describe a variety of virtual activities that became popular during the pandemic, such as video games like “Fortnite.”

“You’ll be able to do practically everything you can think of,” remarked Zuckerberg. 

Many science fiction books and movies are set in full-fledged metaverses, which are alternate digital worlds that are indistinguishable from the real ones. However, this is still a work of fiction. Most virtual spaces currently resemble the interior of a video game rather than real life.

The metaverse, according to Dr. David Leslie, ethics theme lead at the Alan Turing Institute in London, will provide an “escape hatch” from dealing with society’s most pressing issues. 

According to him, the concept raises ethical concerns about who constructs and manages it, as well as the possibility of losing “the safe space of private life” and a virtual population that isn’t representative.

Can we call it an exciting shift with a more immersive experience and connecting with people?

According to the Washington Post, the business is in talks with think tanks concerning metaverse standards and protocols, which some observers see as an effort to divert attention away from matters like the antitrust lawsuit launched by the Federal Trade Commission last year.

Is Facebook giving its all on the metaverse?

Metaverse 1 Facebook The North-Eastern Chronicle

The concept of the metaverse is piquing the interest of investors and businesses eager to be a part of the next great thing.

In July, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the firm plans to transform from a social media to a metaverse company in the next five years.

Are there others as well who believe in the Metaverse?

Metaverse Facebook Facebook The North-Eastern Chronicle

Converging the digital and physical worlds is a popular concept in Silicon Valley, with Microsoft mentioning it as well.

These services enable musicians to hold virtual concerts. According to Epic Games, millions of fans saw Ariana Grande perform virtually in Fortnite in September.

Virtual apparel that people’s avatars can wear in metaverse surroundings has also been tried by the world’s largest fashion businesses.

Consumer-facing companies are also attempting to capitalize on the trend. Gucci, an Italian fashion business, partnered with Roblox in June to sell a digital-only accessory collection. 

Coca-Cola and Clinique both sold digital tokens that were marketed as a gateway to the metaverse.

The COVID-19 epidemic may be to blame for the increased interest in the metaverse. As more individuals work and go to school online, there has been a rise in the desire for techniques to make online contact more lifelike.

People currently communicate with one another online via visiting websites such as social media platforms or messaging apps. The metaverse’s concept is that it will establish new online places in which people may interact in more multi-dimensional ways, allowing users to immerse themselves in digital information rather than just watching it.


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