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Failed robbery attempt: Woman from Meghalaya spends two days locked in bank

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On the morning of 25th June 2021, 40-year-old, Isabella Myrboh went missing from New Kench’s Trace, Bishnupur. The woman got rescued from the Meghalaya Rural Bank Office in Shillong on Tuesday.

After her disappearance, a social media post got circulated in various groups. As mentioned in the social media post, the woman was seen for the last time on Friday morning wearing a skirt, square pattern jainkyrshah, and a black and white shawl. After four days, people found her locked inside the Meghalaya Rural Bank Office, “dehydrated and weak.”

According to the sources, she had planned a bank heist but unfortunately failed to do so. She went to the bank a few days back and hid inside the bank, the sources added. She carried a bag with food supplies that included biscuits and ORS to survive for a day or so. She was unaware of the fact that the bank reopens only after 3-4 days. She also removed some of the CCTV cameras inside the bank and stole some of the money.

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