Mizoram is under complete lockdown since April 20 this year. Hence in its capital city Aizawl all shops are closed with only those selling essential commodities are permitted to be opened for three hours in the morning, and vegetable markets opened only twice a week for a limited period and with limited alternatives.

However, farmers of the state have taken up a heartwarming initiative as lockdown has made daily wage workers helpless making them suffer from huge financial crises. Well, farmers of many villages of the countryside are sending truckloads of their fresh vegetable produce to various areas of Aizawl for free to give succor to these families.

The vegetables are received by Local Level Task Forces (LLTF) of various localities and distributed among the needy. The farmers are delivering vegetables ranging from bamboo shoots, ginger, mustard leaves to baby pumpkins, etc.

This kindness is admired by all the citizens of Aizawl and they can not thank the farmers enough for the same. Hence amid Coronavirus, the countryside farmers became life saviors for Aizawl.


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