Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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The story of a woman fashion photographer: “The part of Afghanistan which is hidden from the world”


Article by: Pragyamita Saha, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Abiskar Banikya

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Fatimah Hossaini is a fashion photographer in Afghanistan. She takes pictures that push the boundaries of cultural norms in the country. She wants to help women using her work and skills.

We all know that Afghanistan is a conservative country and especially when it comes to women. As she says about fashion which is a part of their culture and the world is not aware of these parts of Afghanistan. She further added that old media and the older world watch Afghanistan as the war, poverty, and everything relating to explosion and tragedy.

Fatimah takes fashion photographs on the streets of Kabul


She wants women’s faces to be seen. The photos she uses to capture women are challenging local norms. She started with playing electric guitar in the middle of the busy street. When she started to work as a fashion photographer and talk with girls to come in front of her camera in the whole process she has to talk with their husband, their brothers, and parents. They asked “where do you want to publish, why you are publishing”, every minute details use to be asked. There are so many things which use to evolve to stop her walk.

When you talk about women in Afghanistan and because there is so many Paradox during their life you can see so many women’s positions in government, economy, fashion and also in cinemas but the society still doesn’t accept a woman riding a bicycle or driving or even wearing red lipstick.

The Taliban have taken control of parts of Afghanistan

Women activists, politicians, and journalists all were targeted in the Taliban attack. All the incidents are just horrifying. In the past few decades, news and videos of Afghanistan have petrified every other nation.

Fatimah also added that “after giving many interviews on various media platforms I got some messages on Twitter and it’s been clear that it was from the Taliban and they are trying to follow me and know my location”. They don’t want to allow the voice of the women and took the pictures of these women to show the freedom behind the Burkha.

In a conservative atmosphere when you talked about women it becomes very difficult to showcase every aspect of their life. And it has also been added in the video, ” I want to work in my country to carry my living and work for women more”.

Visuals of current scenario in Afghanistan after the attack of Taliban

Taliban announces ‘amnesty’ and urged women to join government. Taliban leaders said that structure of government was not fully clear which explains that there should be a fully Islamic leadership and all sides should join. Further adding, the women needs to join its government, trying to calm the nerves across the Capital city that only the day before was in a chaos at its airport as thousands mobbed of the city’s International Airport in a desperate attempt to flee.

Flights from Afghanistan resumed as a western security official told the news agency on Tuesday, August 17 that the Kabul Airport Terminal 1 and Runway which troops from the United States control were now clear for crowds. As per reports, military flights evacuating diplomats and civilians from the country have started taking off. At least 7 people died in the chaos.

Meanwhile, Taliban has declared war in Afghanistan over and senior leaders said that the group would wait until the foreign forces had left before creating a new governance structure. China is ready for a “friendly relation” with Taliban while Russia and Iran have given diplomatic overviews on this occasion.

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