When we heard the name of Finland we always think about the nation on the planet with world-beating living standards, attractive destination on paper, scoring high in international comparisons for quality of life, freedom, and gender equality, with little corruption, crime, and pollution. But the nation is facing an acute workforce shortage.

“It’s now widely acknowledged that we need a spectacular number of people to come to the country,” recruiter Saku Tihverainen from agency Talented Solutions told AFP. Workers are needed “to help cover the cost of the greying generation”, the recruiter explained.

While most of the western countries are fighting against weak population growth but are feeling the effects as strongly as Finland. According to the UN, which forecasts that by 2030 the “old-age dependency ratio” will rise to 47.5. The government of Finland has warned that the nation seeks to practically double immigration levels to 20,000-30,000 a year to maintain public services and plug a looming pensions deficit.


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