Firing at Ruponihat; hooligans loot 1.5 lakhs in gunpoint

Tension prevailed after miscreants resorted to blank firing at Laukhuwa Chapari in Rupohihat below Nagaon district on Monday. At least 5 persons had been reportedly injured withinside the firing incident.

Gang headed by Gulzar Hussain

A gang of six hooligans headed by Gulzar Hussain attacked the family members of Hazrat Ali with sharp weapons.


Miscreants looted jewellery worth Rs 60,000 and bags full of cash amounting to Rs 1.5 lakh at gunpoint.

Speaking to the media, the wife of Hazrat Ali said, “Miscreants headed by Gulzar Hussain barged into our house with weapons and attacked my family. My husband and other family members were injured during the incident. They looted all our jewellery and cash.”

Hazrat Ali’s wife identifies the gang

The gang of hooligans has been identified by the wife of Hazrat Ali.

As claimed by the spouse of Hazrat Ali the miscreants have been recognized as Abdul Majid, Dilwar Hussain, Gulzar Hussain, Abul Hussain, Saddam Hussain, Tara Mia and Fakruddin.

A case has been registered in connection to the incident at Laukhuwa Chapari Police Station.

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